The Online AUDIO Post Production SERVICE

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Welcome to Remote Dubbing, a network of talented UK sound specialists and studios supplying professional audio production to the creative industries. We have the technology, the expertise and the artistry you would encounter in a Soho sound house, just without the address. Or the overheads. By working remotely we are able to offer an innovative, cost effective 24 hour service across all disciplines of audio post production, opening up the pro sound market to productions which may not be used to sending their sound for specialised finishing, and to those with inflexible budgets or urgent deadlines.  You can even “sit in” on our live recording or mixing sessions via broadcast quality multi point web audio conferencing.  All you need is a stable internet connection.
If you’re in a rush, over budget or simply don’t need to go full Soho, give Remote Dubbing a try!  We offer a comprehensive audio post solution, just without the trimmings. Whether it’s a surround sound epic, or a short voice over record and edit, get in touch and we will make it happen for you.